We have fond memories of an old 1970's photo cube. We want to share our story and help bring your own cherished memories to light.

 Classic 70's Acrylic Photo Cube + Cubee

In Jan 2014, I was going through some knick-knacks at my parents house when I came across our old acrylic photo cube. I remember growing up with this cube, and how every time we developed photos we would swap out the old with the new. 

I couldn't help but think how cool this little thing was. How the unique design turned flat images into an object that you wanted to pick up, touch, look at. The cube brought new life to those pictures in the simplest way.

Today, we take most of our pictures on our iPhone's and they live somewhere where we can't really feel or touch them - like on Instagram. So, I set out to see if I could take some of todays technology and integrate it with the simplistic design of this classic photo cube.

What I created is an update to the classic photo cube with more functionality and sleekness, all while keeping the nostalgic value of the original.

 - Justin Anthony Lemus